Upcoming Events

Committed to engaging in public discourse around the topics we care about, Meedan both hosts and attends events around the world. We hope you can join us in conversation and learning.


Past Events

October 22
Credibility Coalition: Researching misinformation and making fact-checks more engaging
October 16
Election reporting during multiple crises: Insights from India, Taiwan, Zimbabwe and the Philippines
October 08
#ONA20: Election 2020: Combating Misinformation, Disinformation & Deepfakes
Online By invitation only
October 05
Closed door session: COVID-19 and local U.S. reporting
Online By invitation only
October 02
Trusted Media Summit: Tiplines and Chatbots
Online By invitation only
September 28
Independent, Innovative & Feminist: Three Newsrooms Champion Access to Information
Online on Zoom
September 24
Credibility Coalition: Fact-checking in the US with Daniel Funke
September 18
SwitchPoint 2020: The Global Fund Virtual Switchpoint Exchange
On Zoom - Registration is open now!
September 04
Misinformation and Disinformation Regulation in the Context of a Public Health Crisis
September 03
Book Talk: How to Handle a Crowd with author Anika Gupta
Zoom Webinar
August 25
Brazilian Free Software Association (ASLive Livre #4): Free software in the context of misinformation
YouTube: Lyseon Tech:
August 24
Misinfodemia: Ershad Alijani
August 17
Misinfodemia: Science communications expert Jessica Malaty Rivera
August 13
"Café com Quê" with Caio Almeida (Portuguese)
August 12
AAJA Fest: Verification on a Deadline
For conference registrants only
August 10
Misinfodemia on COVID-19 and women with Dr. Roopan Gill
August 04
Misinfodemia: Update from Arizona COVID-19 doctor, Dr. Saskia Popescu
July 30
Misinfodemia: COVID-19 in India with Mohit Nair
Instagram Live: @heymeedan
July 29
Chicas Poderosas - "Women, Power and Media" last live event about Employment, freelancer and other forms to finance journalism work during the pandemic
July 29
RightsCon 2020: Recordkeepers of the Resistance
July 29
National Academy of Sciences Presents: Addressing Health Misinformation Through Health Literacy Practices: A Virtual Workshop
July 29
RightsCon 2020: When misinformation hurts our fundamental health rights
July 23
Misinfodemia: Medicine Series talks to Dr. Chethan Sathya about school reopenings
Instagram Live: @heymeedan
July 23
Disinfodemic? 16 Months of Relentless Fact-Checking in India
Online on Zoom
July 23
Book Talk and Webinar: Keep Calm and Log On with author Gus Andrews
Online on Zoom
July 18
Digital Health Lab at the International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2)
Online By invitation only
July 17
Misinfodemia on IG Live: Dr. Seema Yasmin speaks with Dr. Cedric Dark about COVID-19 in Houston, Texas
Instagram Live: @heymeedan
July 16
Internet Freedom Festival Glitter Meetup: Recordkeepers of the Resistance
IFF Community – Glitter Meetup
July 09
Instagram Live: Dr. Arghavan Salles on COVID-19 and healthcare workers
Instagram Live: @heymeedan
June 26
Instagram Live: Dr. Saskia Popescu and Dr. Seema Yasmin
June 25
Global Fact 7: The evolution of fact-checking on WhatsApp
Online on YouTube
June 24
Meedan Research at Global Fact 7: Fakes, misinformation and fact-checking: Current research
June 24
Tackling health misinformation with truth, trust, and tactics: Meedan Digital Health Lab at Global Fact 7
June 24
Countering the COVID-19 Misinfodemic with Text Similarity and Social Data Science
Online on Zoom
June 18
Maria Ressa and Seema Yasmin in Conversation: Reporting Barriers During COVID-19
Online on Zoom
June 11
Instagram Live: Race, Protests and the Pandemic
Instagram Live: @heymeedan
May 05
Check Global Network Launch
Online on Zoom By invitation only

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