Join us on 31 March for a Twitter Space conversation with Dr. Moath Althaher, founder of Fatabayyano, and Neelam Singh, editor at The Healthy Indian Project (THIP) ahead of International Fact-Checking Day, commemorated on 2 April. 

The conversation will focus on the challenges fact-checkers have had to face during periods of crisis, particularly during the pandemic and natural disasters, such as earthquakes.

Fatabayyano is a fact-checking initiative that verifies Arabic-language content online and debunks fakes news spreading on social media and messaging apps. Fatbayyano is an IFCN signatory and its coverage spans over 19 NAWA countries. It is one of the leading initiatives and go-to places to verify claims online in the North Africa/West Asia region.

The Healthy Indian Project (THIP) is a healthcare information media platform that focuses on educating and guiding Indians for better decision making. THIP works with verified medical professionals to fact check misleading news and claims about health, medicines, diet and treatment, and they create high quality content to help Indians learn, measure, access and decide on their healthcare journey. 

Both Fatabayyano and THIP are signatories of International Fact Checking Network (IFCN) Code of Principles. Fatabayyano recently launched an emergency tipline to get critical information to Turkey and Syria earthquake victims, and THIP is part of Meedan’s Ekta coalition, which focused on health misinformation, particularly during the pandemic,.

The discussion will be led by Meedan’s Eric Mugendi, Check Global Program Manager for the  Sub-Saharan Africa region. Do listen in and share your thoughts with us. 

Date: Friday, March 31 2023
PDT 6am / EDT 9am / BST 2pm / GMT 1pm / EAT 4pm / IST 6:30pm / 9pm PHST

Where: Twitter Spaces