Collaborative field work

We build programs with newsrooms, civil society groups, NGOs and academic institutions working on digital investigations and misinformation research.


Our program team designs initiatives, galvanizes collaborators and executes on-the-ground programs on six continents. Our five program areas range from digital health research to content moderation policy to breaking news reporting collaborations. We involve stakeholders early and often and position ourselves as leading field work from the ground up.

years tackling some of the most complex problems on the web
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Check Global

Check Global is an initiative that supports journalism and human rights research in the developing world. We provide software, training and support to an international group of independent media organizations, journalism schools and human rights researchers.

Digital Health Lab

Researching, designing and testing the impact of the internet on public health. We are building a framework for addressing health misinformation, and it is centered around more equitable access to quality health content.

Credibility Coalition

An interdisciplinary research incubator founded in partnership with Hacks/Hackers. We facilitate working groups that think through misinformation problems using design, health, economic and many other lenses.

Pop-Up Newsroom

We develop collaborative editorial projects with newsrooms around the world. Our job is to generate large-scale ideas, supply the collaborative technology and execute complex workflows between different news outlets. This is a joint project with London-based news consultancy Fathm.

Content Moderation Project

Collaborating with stakeholders in academia, policy, and civil society groups to develop clear pathways to responsible content moderation for technology platforms. Applied research with civil society organizations and human rights responders help us better understand varying experiences with content moderation and allow us to identify points of intervention.

The Checklist–read misinformation news from around the world

The Weekly Roundup

—open-source investigations, industry resources and event information