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Make sense of the global web.

Meedan builds digital tools for global journalism and translation. We are a team of designers, technologists and journalists who focus on open source investigation of digital media and crowdsourced translation of social media. With commercial, media and university partners, we support research, curriculum development, and new forms of digital storytelling.

Our Work

Verify breaking news online

Checkdesk is a flexible toolkit for collaboration around verifying user generated content. The Checkdesk project has worked to build tools, support independent journalists, and develop media literacy training resources that aim to improve the investigative quality of citizen journalism and help limit the rapid spread of rumors and misinformation.

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Translate the global web

Bridge helps communities translate, annotate, share, and source the most compelling global content on social media. Starting with a pilot with the National Geographic Society and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Paul Salopek’s Out of Eden Walk project, the product aims to support a team of translators with tools like glossaries and translation memories.

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Our Latest

We maintain two Medium channels, where we share the latest news about our verification and language initiatives.

Our Supporters

Since 2006, Meedan has worked with a network of extraordinary sponsors, clients, and partners.

Meedan is a hybrid nonprofit/for-profit organization. We share code, people, offices, and values across two companies. is a registered 501(c) 3 established in 2006 that works on non-commercial projects to support global journalism. Meedan Labs is a for-profit spun off in 2014 to develop software for collaborative social media translation.

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