Sneha Alexander
Beirut Response Fund
A standard of care for health misinformation: lessons from Global Fact
4 Things We Learned from RightsCon 2020
Preserving Latin American activist history on social media
This pandemic isn’t a swan—it’s a canary
Training the next workforce to field dangerous claims
CC-BY Alexander von Halem
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Image from the #SOSperiodistas (#SOSjournalists) campaign
Meedan covid19 misinfol
ACL 2020 Opening Remarks
Watch: Reporting Barriers During COVID-19 with Maria Ressa
Check Global Strategy in Latin America
Leveraging the COVID-19 Expert Database to visualize pandemic information
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The floor of a farm full of ripen and unpicked pears
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The Arc of Alignment as described by The Reboot
Meedan covid-19 expert highlights
Chicas Poderosas Mexico Mediathon
Textfakes, Deepfakes, and the Power of Context
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One of the slides from The Reboot's Masterclass.
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Caio Almeida and Scott Hale presenting for an all-remote Tech & Check 2020
Meedan COVID Pledge
2020 Misinfodemic Report: COVID-19 in Emerging Economies
Meedan check global network
meedan check-global-micro-grants
Meedan covid-19 database
Meedan fact-checking-tips-covid-19 01
Meedan's New Program Managers
meedan going-virtual
202003 meedan-covid-19
Digital Health: Fact-checking in an era of misinfodemics
Caio Almeida
Shalini Joshi
Happy birthday, CredWeb! Here’s us presenting on our work at the W3C Technical Plenary / Advisory Committee meeting in Burlingame, CA on November 8, 2017
“Florence off the East Coast” by Stuart Rankin (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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