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Keep pace with the news cycle

Publish tipline bots in minutes, without code

A simple interface to publish custom conversational bots across multiple languages and messaging apps.

Spend less time triaging content with AI automation

Our AI automatically groups similar questions, videos, images and audio files together.

Keep all your articles at hand with CMS and RSS integration

Automatically import and publish content from multiple sources to get the latest content to your audience.

Maximize your reach with newsletters

Publish across channels in seconds

Effortlessly schedule newsletters on multiple messaging services at once.

Engage and grow your audience

Create engaging content with videos, images or audio files and use RSS feeds to integrate with existing workflows.
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Uncover trends across audiences

Get a richer perspective

Share data feeds with other organizations and unlock new insights across audiences and languages.

Enhance newsroom collaboration

Discover a new way to collaborate with other organizations by combining strengths and sharing resources.
Trends across audiences

Publish data to turn information into impact (in Beta)

Unlock new revenue streams

Choose a paid or open source license and publish streams of data that third parties can subscribe to.

Safeguard your data

Keep precision control over your assets with detailed licensing rights and streamlined workflows.
Find high quality data from leading fact-checkers