Feeling overwhelmed by an avalanche of online content? Anxious about identity theft? Unsettled by the proliferation of fake news? Welcome to the digital revolution. Wait—wasn’t the digital revolution supposed to make our lives better? It was going to be fun and put the world at our fingertips. What happened? Keep Calm and Log On is a new survival handbook that will help you achieve online mindfulness and overcome online helplessness—the feeling that tech is out of your control—with tips for handling cybersecurity, creepy ads, untrustworthy information, and much more.

Join Keep Calm and Log On author Gus Andrews in conversation with Memes to Movements author An Xiao Mina about her new book, published by MIT Press.

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About the Author

Keep Calm and Log On is the first book from Dr. Gillian Andrews, known to most as Gus.

Dr. Andrews’s unusual background as a hacker, scholar, and educator makes her uniquely suited to offer advice on managing the media in your life. A graduate of Teachers College, Columbia University, she put her passion for media literacy to work in creating The Media Show, an award-winning YouTube series for a young adult audience. Currently, she works as a digital security trainer, running trainings and producing curriculum materials for tech companies, the NGO Tactical Tech, and the forthcoming Cyber Nation film project.

Dr. Andrews hasn’t been surprised in the slightest by news that foreign intelligence agencies, advertisers, and social media sites are exploiting everyday people’s data. As a former panelist on the digital rights radio show "Off The Hook" and an organizer for the Hackers On Planet Earth conference, she has been tracking warnings about digital privacy and security issues for over a decade. In her user experience work for ThoughtWorks, Second Life, Simply Secure, and the Open Internet Tools project, she has helped developers make digital systems easier for everyday people to use safely.

Dr. Andrews is a dynamic writer and speaker who is keen to help her fellow citizens protect themselves in a year which promises escalated cybersecurity and disinformation attacks.