Meedan is working with the Africa Women Journalism Project to introduce anti-bias training for community-based journalists.

In journalism, implicit bias around gender, race, sexual orientation or other characteristics can impact the topics journalists cover and the stories we report. Bias can limit fresh perspectives and can lead to underrepresentation of marginalized groups in the news. It can perpetuate stereotypes and reinforce existing power structures.

Join us for a Twitter Space conversation with Catherine Gicheru, founder of the Africa Women Journalism Project and veteran investigative editor and digital strategist, who will speak about the impact of bias in the newsroom as well as ways to combat it. We’ll cover topics like: 

  • How newsrooms can ensure that marginalized communities are accurately and fairly represented in their coverage
  • What role technology and automation can play in addressing implicit bias in newsrooms
  • What steps journalists can take to actively combat their own implicit biases when reporting and writing stories

The discussion will be led by Meedan’s Eric Mugendi, Check Global Program Manager for the  Sub-Saharan Africa region. 

Bring your questions and thoughts to the conversation! 

Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Time: PST 9:00am / EST 12:00pm / GMT 5pm / EAT 8pm / IST 10:30pm
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