Online harassment and digital security

This workshop includes sessions on the following:

Perspective building and awareness on various online threats and abuse faced by journalists

Review of current organisational practices and workflows with a digital security lens to ascertain level and points of threat

Skill building on practical tools and practices needed by journalists to protect themselves and their work

Customised inputs on best practices for data security - for data at rest, data in transit, secure tools for accessing internet and communication

Developing basic online security protocols that can be implemented across the organisation

Training of trainers within the organisation

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The focus is on journalists, particularly women journalists who will be trained to prepare, respond, take care of themselves and support other women journalists in facing online threats, harassment and coordinated cyber attacks


Our trainers include media educators, journalists, experts in content moderation and digital security experts who have designed and conducted training sessions, programs and toolkits on digital security practices. Our special invitees include partners who are currently implementing digital safety courses for journalists and students.

Methodology and duration

Due to the current restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshops will be organised remotely over Zoom or other platforms. Our workshops are interactive in nature and involve group and individual activities and follow-up tasks between sessions. There will be three sessions and follow-up activities to reinforce learning after each session.

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