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Latin America

Through the Check Global project we support initiatives that are helping hold the line for democracy, information and media freedom, with a focus on independent media and diverse communities; women, LGBTQ+, periferias (urban, rural) and indigenous populations across the region.


In Depth

Threats in the region take different forms: misinformation, state violence and negligent ‘rushing through’ of legislation to govern technology. We support initiatives in: fact checking; media literacy (news deserts and indigenous people); media security training; policy making; archiving.
Decades of media concentrated ownership created news deserts in the region, in Brazil 62% of the cities do not have local media news organizations. Lack of independent information makes it difficult for the population to demand accountability from government officials.
Self-censorship and
authoritarian excesses
With an increasing distrust in the media fueled by local government in the form of public threats and persecutions, the region suffers from direct authoritarian excess as well as journalists' self censorship, fearing threats to their lives.
Lack of
official data
Indigenous communities and quilombola leaders responsible for protecting the environment have been under increasing threats by governments. Due to the lack of official data, journalists, activists and civil society organisations are in charge of investigating and gathering this data.

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