Health Lab

Information equity is a public health issue.

Meedan’s Digital Health Lab is an applied research initiative working towards equitable access to health information at the scale of the internet.


Today’s world has more internet users than people with access to essential health services such as primary care, dental care, or surgery. And, increasingly, the internet mediates access to health through access to information. That’s where we come in.

What we do

At the Digital Health Lab, our focus is on combining evidence-based responses and rigorous user research to address digital health information inequity.

We design creative programs, conduct applied research, inform health information policies and harness data and technology to promote health equity at the scale of the internet.

How we work

Conducting mixed methods research to better understand health information inequities
Collaborating with independent media, fact-checking organizations and journalists around the world to provide resources and explainers on health topics they are covering
Working with translation and localization teams to ensure that communicators have equitable access to health information and resources
Developing standardized data models for health information that can be syndicated for use across technology
Supporting and informing equitable health content moderation policies
Research / Practice

We see research and practice as symbiotic. Our projects inform our research questions, and our research insights improve our work with journalists and fact-checkers. Our three research streams are:

  • Community-specific case studies for public health content moderation policies
  • Public health information risk categorization
  • Cross-language text similarity analyses to evaluate gaps between requested health information and information available to communities.

Our work


Interested in learning more?

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