From October 2019 through a global pandemic, elections and other significant events, Meedan has scaled up Check, our flagship platform for verification and fact-checking, to serve as a toolkit for newsrooms running fact-checking tiplines on the WhatsApp Business API. 

In order to make the work of these newsrooms more efficient and scalable, we have been pushing code, testing workflows and introducing new features to augment quality human efforts.

Our partners in this project include 18 newsrooms in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Spain, the United States of America and Zambia.

Over the last two years we have enabled new workflows through product development and designed editorial strategy to encourage collaboration and efficiency in the newsrooms.

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Where we work

Our work is based across four main areas of focus: North Africa Western Asia, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Asia Pacific region.

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Our partners

Check Global is funded by the Swedish International Development Agency. Birmingham City University works with Meedan to monitor and evaluate the program.