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We rapidly respond to questions from fact-checkers and newsrooms around the world, in order to support their reporting on complex health topics.

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Meedan’s public health team has been supporting fact-checkers, community organizations and local media in their coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic. As health information is constantly emerging and changing, fact-checkers and journalists want to stay up-to-date with the latest science, to determine which articles (pre-print and peer-review) are reliable, and how to synthesize complex medical research. We help them do that.

Our experts receive questions from fact-checkers and journalists covering health misinformation topics, and rapidly respond with:

  • an expert science explainer on the topic requested, with background and context about the subject
  • a set of glossary terms and definitions to understand the science in greater detail
  • a recommended source list that the fact-checker can consult for more information

We are also collaborating with the global network of Science Media Centres, led by the Australian Media Centre, on the Vaccine Media Hub, a collection of content on Health Desk where public health experts from around the world respond to questions from journalists and fact-checkers about the COVID-19 vaccine.

In numbers

We have created over
articles of 500 words each.
By creating a standardized health data model designed for easy syndication, we’re reaching an audience of over
people in more than 18 countries across Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe and North America.
A content impact audit highlighted
of the pieces that we have supported are on the front-page of Google search results for the topic for the region covered.
Our on-call team members respond to reporters and fact -checkers in
48 hrs
or less, with responses created in as little as 5 hours.

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