Preparedness and crisis response

Acute and prolonged health and climate emergencies. Wars and uprisings. Social, political and economic turmoil. Natural disasters. These are the kinds of events that too often precipitate the spread of mis- and disinformation, hate speech, propaganda and abuse. Such outcomes can lead to offline harms that threaten access to care and services while hindering equitable civic and social participation. At Meedan, we devise new methods to more effectively disseminate critical information for affected communities.

Preparedness and crisis response
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Ongoing projects in key target areas

Take a look at some of the important initiatives we’re working on in a variety of categories.

Case Studies

Preparedness and crisis response efforts in action around the globe

Take a closer look at how we’ve worked with partners throughout the world to respond to natural disasters, armed conflict and more.

Climate change

Conversations that save lives

In collaboration with civil society organizations and community media outlets, we design cross-border projects to exchange information through closed messaging platforms using the Check tipline solution.

Conflict and human rights

Early warning systems for harmful content

We work with partner organizations to customize workflows for handling harmful content. In particular, we focus on forms of content often overlooked by AI moderation systems due to linguistic and cultural limitations.

Rapid response efforts

Evidence-based research and crisis preparedness

Impacted communities too often lack access to the information they need in times of crisis. This can be due to constraints around which topics are covered, the languages in which they’re explored or the medium of publication. We conduct research to better understand these information gaps.

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