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The spread of misinformation in the aftermath of the earthquake made it harder to coordinate relief efforts, including the distribution of food, shelter and medicine. Meedan’s crisis response included technical assistance for teams seeking critical information distribution, as well as networking and financial support to partners in Turkey, Syria and other countries in the region. 

Teyit, a fact-checking initiative from Turkey, received core financial support and networking opportunities from Meedan, allowing them to continue producing critical fact-checks as well as localizing the content to make it available to arabic-speaking communities.

Fatabyyano, a fact-checking initiative covering over 19 Arabic-speaking countries, disseminated the material translated by Teyit, and shared it with its 1+ million arabic-speaking audience. Additionally, the Turkey and Syria Earthquake Response Fund helped Fatabyyano launch its emergency tipline Kinan on WhatsApp and Messenger using Meedan's Check software.

This collaboration between Meedan and Fatabyyano is an important milestone: this is the first Check tipline made for an Arabic-speaking audience. 

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