Free flow of reliable and independent information is absolutely critical to public health and accountability. However, with several restrictions imposed on media across different regions, people have limited access to independent information, and few spaces to dialogue and discuss the adequacy of measures being taken by their governments to contain the pandemic. This challenge is taking place amid a backdrop of an incredibly complex and evolving information environment, in which journalists and fact-checkers are expected to distill complicated research on epidemiology and infectious disease.

People need news and information they can trust. Instead of making this available, governments are censoring news, curbing the free flow of information and scrutinizing voices that seek accountability.

In order to analyze and discuss potential solutions to the current misinfodemic, Meedan hosted an online event on June 18, 2020 entitled, ‘Reporting Barriers During COVID-19. The session had veteran journalist and co-founder of Rappler, Maria Ressa in conversation with Dima Saber, Meedan’s Director of Check Global Program and Impact.

About the Series: Women, Media and the Pandemic

This event is first in the Check Global Network’s webinar series ‘Women, Media and the Pandemic’. Launched on May 5, 2020, Check Global members are currently located in the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Western Sahara, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Mexico. As a community of independent media, technology and human rights groups, the Check Global Network plans to meet regularly to discuss solutions to challenges, to design collaborative projects and to respond proactively to the needs of partners in emerging economies.

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