Meedan is excited to announce a new wave of recruitment for the Check Global Network. This is Meedan’s community that brings together non-profits and collectives working in the area of independent media and information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the emerging economies of Asia-Pacific (APAC), East Africa, Latin America (LATAM), and the North Africa Western Asia region (NAWA).

We aim to provide a platform that strengthens and facilitates the work of organizations committed to promoting the development of people that have faced historic and systemic barriers in entering the fields of media and technology.

Our most impactful partnerships are currently with women-led organizations and feminist networks using media to promote feminist leadership and rights in emerging economies of the Global South. The Check Global Network is now expanding to new areas and new partners. As part of this phase of expansion, we are actively seeking partnerships with groups that embed feminist values and concepts of social justice into organizational practices.

The Check Global Network is a community for sharing, learning and reflection. The network activities will be led by Meedan. In this process we will draw upon skills of Meedan team members, the network members themselves as well as those of other partners and institutions that we have worked with in different regions over the last decade.

The main activities of the network will focus on capacity building of members on journalism, fact-checking and organizational development, providing them access to digital tools and the opportunity to be part of a growing impactful community.

Forums for engagement:

  • We’ll invite Check Global Network members to participate in virtual and in person learning events that we organise.
  • We will recommend members for conferences, fellowships, internships, training programs and other structured learning opportunities.
  • Meedan’s weekly newsletter, The Checklist, will feature the work of network members and will provide them regular updates on misinformation.
  • Meedan will design collaborative and time-bound projects that meet the needs of network members and provide opportunities to respond to global issues.

To join the network, please write to us at with a statement of interest.