Fact-checking on encrypted platforms

The five-day workshop includes sessions on the following:

Designing workflows to crowdsource, identify and respond to suspicious messages, rumours and claims on encrypted platforms
Using technological solutions to set-up fact-checking programs
Interactions with journalists and fact-checkers who’ve implemented global fact-checking initiatives

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This workshop is ideal for newsrooms and civil society groups who are interested in monitoring and debunking misinformation on end-to-end encrypted platforms or designing special programs to debunk misinformation around elections and other large events of national importance.


Our trainers include fact-checkers, media educators, journalists and product specialists who have designed and supported global fact-checking programs. Our special invitees include partners who are currently implementing fact-checking programs on WhatsApp and other encrypted platforms.

Methodology and duration

Due to the current restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshops will be organised remotely over Zoom or other platforms. Our workshops are interactive in nature and involve group and individual activities and follow-up tasks between sessions.Our workshop sessions run up to 90 minutes.

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