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During the COVID-19 pandemic, independent media organizations and civil society groups faced immense physical and financial strains, as well as difficulties in continuing the work they do in their communities.

In support of these organizations, Meedan launched the Check Global COVID-19 microgrants fund in Asia-Pacific, in Africa, in Latin America and in the North Africa and Western Asia regions. 

We received applications on themes ranging from fact-checking and verification projects, to media and digital literacy campaigns, photography and podcasts.

“The ongoing thematic social media campaigns and competitions which include photography, videography, poster making, developing newsletters etc. are helping us increase our outreach and strengthen the involvement of more and more community girls and young women. We have observed a sustained participation level from their side. The most significant point to note here would be that this entire initiative is being independently led by the community leaders, thus giving them the opportunity to utilize the platform as a safe space that is entirely theirs."
Hameeda Khatoon
Hameeda Khatoon
Sadbhavana Trust
at Meedan

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