We are in the middle of a historic shift in social media usage. With the upheavals at Twitter, millions of people are flocking to "the fediverse", a network of decentralized social media services. The fediverse is structurally very different from the large corporate social media services we are used to, and this requires us to rethink our approaches to trust and safety in this new context.

We are happy to invite you to attend a webinar hosted by Darius Kazemi, an engineer at Meedan who for five years has been writing about the fediverse and writing software for its users. He will be joined by content moderation expert Kat Lo and security expert Aaron Huslage.

The hour will be spent on three topics:

  • a brief but thorough explanation of what the fediverse is, who uses it, how it works, and why it matters.
  • discussion of the state of trust and safety on the fediverse, including current best community practices
  • identification of the trust and safety needs of communities on the fediverse and where there are major gaps in services where your organization could provide assistance

Our hope is that you will come away from this webinar with a better understanding of this vibrant and growing space in social media and where it fits in with your organization’s mission.