Organization / 2019 Meedan Annual Report now online
2019 Meedan Annual Report Now Online

We are delighted to announce the launch of our 2019 Meedan Annual Report.

Our annual reports involve four main sections:

CEO’s Letter In Numbers What People Are Saying About Us Financials

Taking pride in being a global team, the Meedan 2019 Annual Report lists the cities and the countries we have traveled to in 2019, including global events, sponsoring local events and/or talking about misinformation and presenting the work we are doing.

We have always been, and will continue, developing the technology and the programs that help with creating more equitable internet with the aim of strengthening global journalism, digital literacy, and accessibility of information through our projects Check Global, Digital Health Lab, Credibility Coalition, Pop-Up Newsroom and Content Moderation.

While we are publishing our last year report today during a pandemic, it occurred to us that our work in 2018 when we established Digital Health Lab for responding to misinfodemics has positioned us well to contribute to the unfolding crisis of COVID-19.

Looking at our annual reports published through the past years reminds us of how far we have come with the global contribution we have been always committed to.

This report and the past annual reports of Meedan live in the About page on our website.

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