Meedan is Arabic for “town square”

Meedan is a global technology not-for-profit that builds software and programmatic initiatives to strengthen journalism, digital literacy, and accessibility of information online and off.


We develop open-source tools for creating and sharing context on digital media through annotation, verification, archival, and translation.

We have
a vision of a more equitable internet.

We work with technologists, newsrooms, fact-checkers, public health professionals, NGOs and academic institutions on award-winning projects from election monitoring to pandemic response to human rights documentation. This work supports our vision of a more equitable internet.

Our values

Meedan’s seven core values reflect our operating principles, organizational culture and best practices as a team.

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Theory of change

To achieve an equitable internet, we think about our impact along four timescales.

Short term

In the short term, we address crises of information trust and harmful content through better workflows and tools that help teams contextualize and verify content, with quick turnarounds and broad reach.

Medium term

In the medium term, we work with civil society organizations through capacity building efforts that help maximize their ability to engage with the new dynamics of the internet while ensuring their own sustainability as organizations.

Long term

In the long term, we seek to generate data sets and qualitative findings that enable research, expand knowledge, and build practical responses for contemporary information challenges.


Ongoing, we work to develop standards for digital media that can be utilized by tech platforms, data scientists and international standards bodies to make information access more equitable online.

Our work

We believe that creating a more equitable internet requires an interdisciplinary approach across multiple forms of intersecting activities. Meedan’s five core pillars of work include technology development, network building, strategic training, collaborative and ethical data collection, and rigorous research. These pillars are inherently evolutionary and responsive.

Pierre and Nat
Pierre and Nat
Improved open-access tools and technical infrastructure for independent actors to curate, check, verify and debunk claims, links and media shared online
Improved collaboration and stronger networks between independent media, journalism programs and journalists, activists, archivists and human rights defenders working on open source investigation, fact checking, verification, digital media literacy efforts, and access to correct and credible health information
Strategic and
Improved capacity of journalism students, citizen journalists, civil society and activist networks and human rights documentation enthusiasts to verify content, conduct investigations and debunk false claims and misinformation, and to produce viable online content to counter the rise of mis-information in their countries
Data collection
and analysis
Improved data infrastructure and provision to support efficient workflow and effective dissemination via platforms
Improved understanding of the relation between open-source tech development and social impact, as well as the global misinformation ecosystem on ways in which citizens' public opinion is formed, and optimal approaches for addressing content-specific misinformation such as health misinformation.

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Ed, Pierre and Nat

Town Square

Meedan is Arabic for “town square,” a gathering place that fosters connection, dialogue and understanding. We envision global information systems that are reliable, safe and equitable for all.


Support Meedan in building world class tools for journalists, citizen journalists and translators.

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The Meedan team develops some new ideas at CredCon, hosted by the Credibility Coalition (an initiative led by Meedan and Hacks/Hackers). Photo by Steven Snow.
▲ The Meedan team develops some new ideas at CredCon, hosted by the Credibility Coalition (an initiative led by Meedan and Hacks/Hackers). Photo by Steven Snow.

Our team of coders, designers, researchers and journalists is keen to collaborate with deep thinkers and boundary pushers from around the world.

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