Meedan’s seven core values reflect our operating principles, organizational culture and best practices as a team. We developed them with all our staff during team retreats and online conversations and seek to embody them in our daily work both within the organization and in the broader professional world.


Be global

Meedan operates globally and thinks globally. This includes working in and with underrepresented countries and regions, especially in emerging economies. While our organization is headquartered in California, our staff and partners operate in a number of different latitudes and time zones.


Practice empathy

Empathy is in a sense the base value at Meedan. To practice empathy we must have semantic, political, and ideological modesty and a deep respect for context—this occurs naturally in global systems where in the course of our collaborations we recognize and constantly bump into the fragility and contextuality of meaning.


Collaborate in community

We believe in designing with, not for, whether that’s designing a new initiative from the ground up or supporting a partner in their existing work. Collaboration requires holistic thinking and multistakeholderism, and we make active contributions to the global journalism, fact-checking, human rights and technology communities. Healthy communities are the byproduct of good collaboration.


Encourage inclusion

We encourage diverse thinking and diverse teams and recognize at the same time that with diversity can often come competing viewpoints. The tension that arises from diversity is not only inevitable, it is also desirable: it avoids the comfort of a single viewpoint that leads to narrow understandings and narrow experiences.


Own our impact

We value measurable impact, using both quantitative and qualitative metrics. Our work is more than words—we want to effect change for the benefit of others. Meedan team members are self-reliant, proactive agents who understand and buy into the overall organization direction, and we take responsibility for the organization’s overall success and commitment to deliver impact.


Embody awesome

In everything we do, we try to embody awesomeness in all its forms. We take pride in our work and in our individuality as people. That could mean an occasional “Fancy Friday” or Mario Kart tournament, or just being excellent to each other in drop-in virtual coffees with staff and partners.


Respect context

The meaning of a word is found in its use. We began as a language technology project grounded in a desire to show the linguistic contextuality of media narratives and build empathy. We have remained committed to the idea that our software should do a better job of holding, documenting, explaining, and sharing digital and semantic and linguistic contexts.

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