As a global organization, we've embarked on a path to create an inclusive culture that not only reflects our values, but also empowers our team to make a positive impact on the world. Join us as we discuss the progress we've made, the initiatives we've launched, and the vibrant community we're building.

Our guiding principles: Laying the foundation

Diversity isn't just a checkbox—it's a celebration of unique voices, backgrounds, and experiences. As a globally distributed team of over 40 people from across nine time zones, 11 countries, and 27 cities, Meedan recognizes the importance of creating an environment where every individual feels valued and heard. 

Our core values are deeply ingrained in our operations, culture, and interactions. These values were cultivated collaboratively, emerging from team retreats and online discussions, reflecting the diverse perspectives that enrich our team. 

As part of our commitment to EDI, every new Meedan team member undergoes comprehensive training during the onboarding process. This training ensures that our core values in this regard are understood and embraced right from the start. 

We take pride in our efforts to increase gender diversity within our product and engineering teams, actively addressing historical gender disparities. Furthermore, we've taken steps to include women from diverse backgrounds in both our Executive Leadership and Leadership Teams, amplifying underrepresented voices at key decision-making levels. 

To bolster inclusivity and encourage open dialogue about personal and professional growth, we have also established dedicated spaces for women and gender nonbinary individuals, fostering a collaborative and inclusive spirit throughout our organization. This includes a monthly call as well as a dedicated Slack channel where different topics are discussed, everyone is welcome to share their experiences, ask questions, and just have a heartfelt conversation.

Insights from our team survey

We administer a comprehensive team survey annually, which includes an EDI section. These insights allow us to evaluate our organizational health, identify strengths and areas for growth, and measure team members' sense of belonging. By comparing trends over multiple years, we refine our policies, benefits, and programs to better align with team needs.

Cultivating growth through structured processes

Operational excellence is foundational to achieving our vision. Over the past year, we've streamlined processes and initiated robust performance management procedures. These include mandatory annual reviews, self-assessments, and consistent communication channels, enabling constructive feedback and real-time issue resolution.

Prioritizing mental wellbeing

At Meedan, the well-being of our team members and partners is of utmost importance, and we've taken deliberate steps to prioritize mental health and holistic well-being. All our team members enjoy the benefits of an unlimited paid time-off policy, promoting a harmonious equilibrium between work and personal life.

To support our team members, we've also established a wellness fund, providing monthly financial assistance for professional therapy costs, particularly for those whose insurance plans may not cover therapy. Additionally, we offer a weekly meditation session and provide complimentary access to the Calm app to cater to our team members' mental health and relaxation needs. 

We've created a comprehensive guide outlining best practices for maintaining a healthy work-life balance and the importance of taking time for rest, which is available to all. Furthermore, we've organized an ergonomics webinar to promote physical health and well-being in the workplace. 

As part of our commitment to mental health and addressing secondary trauma, we also extend our support to partners involved in critical projects, such as election integrity.

Nurturing inclusivity and camaraderie during team calls

Our weekly team calls serve as a platform to showcase the contributions of each team, promoting a culture of inclusivity and unity. During these calls, we also feature a weekly Meedan kudos list to acknowledge outstanding achievements. To further enhance our organization's sense of unity, Meedan has established a dedicated culture subcommittee who has introduced several initiatives, including "Fancy Fridays," a lighthearted end-of-week online gathering. Additionally, team members share work tips and recommendations while participating in monthly birthday games to foster a sense of camaraderie.

Global mentorship program

Meedan introduced a mentorship program this year aimed at fostering a structured environment for sharing expertise and experiences, while nurturing an inclusive culture within a diverse and global team. The program's primary objective is to furnish team members with avenues for personal and professional advancement. Aligned with our commitment to cultivating a learning-centric atmosphere and ensuring the enriching nature of every workday, this initiative was designed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and provide a supportive platform for addressing individual challenges. Regular reviews, scheduled every six months, will be conducted to assess the program's impact and outcomes, and chart a course that accommodates the evolving requirements of the team during this phase of expansion.

Uniting beyond borders: Our 2023 retreat

The anticipation was palpable as we planned our all-team retreat for May 2023. This gathering, held in Spain, marked the first time our entire team came together in person since 2019. While our remote setup has proven effective, we recognize the unparalleled value of face-to-face interactions in fostering camaraderie, collaboration, and feelings of belonging.

Meedan's journey toward a people-first approach with an equity, diversity, and inclusion lens is an ever-evolving adventure. We're excited to continue building a global community that celebrates differences, empowers individuals, and collectively strives for positive change. 

Stay tuned for updates on our progress, initiatives, and the stories that define Meedan.

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  2. The tweets analyzed were a random sample qualitatively coded as “misinformation” or “not misinformation” by two qualitative coders trained in public health and internet studies.
  3. This method used Twitter’s historical search API
  4. The peak was a significant outlier compared to days before it using Grubbs' test for outliers for Chemical Abortion (p<0.2 for the decision; p<0.003 for the leak) and Herbal Abortion (p<0.001 for the decision and leak).
  5. All our searches were case insensitive and could match substrings; so, “revers” matches “reverse”, “reversal”, etc.



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