The Electionland coalition launched an in-depth case study, designed as a playbook for organizations looking to create collaborative reporting projects, and features a practical overview of how Electionland worked on election day, the key strategies that contributed to the success of the effort, and the main lessons learned by project partners. The playbook gives a thorough overview of how Meedan’s Check platform supported the social newsgathering effort on Election Day.

Read and download the Electionland Case Study here.

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  1. Online conversations are heavily influenced by news coverage, like the 2022 Supreme Court decision on abortion. The relationship is less clear between big breaking news and specific increases in online misinformation.
  2. The tweets analyzed were a random sample qualitatively coded as “misinformation” or “not misinformation” by two qualitative coders trained in public health and internet studies.
  3. This method used Twitter’s historical search API
  4. The peak was a significant outlier compared to days before it using Grubbs' test for outliers for Chemical Abortion (p<0.2 for the decision; p<0.003 for the leak) and Herbal Abortion (p<0.001 for the decision and leak).
  5. All our searches were case insensitive and could match substrings; so, “revers” matches “reverse”, “reversal”, etc.



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July 25, 2023