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Meedan Joins the Partnership on AI

Meedan announced today that they will join the Partnership on AI’s AI and Media Integrity Program to address the threats and opportunities to public discourse that AI brings.

International news conversations are increasingly focused on misinformation found in platforms, encrypted messaging, and all digital spaces. Meedan’s role in the Partnership on AI is to offer subject matter expertise on global engagement with the fact-checking community. Meedan joins peer organizations such as Full Fact, Adobe, Code for Africa, and the Duke Reporters’ Lab in this new venture with the Partnership on AI.

Dr Scott A. Hale, Meedan’s Director of Research, said, “Tackling misinformation and other harmful content at scale requires a thoughtful combination of human and machine intelligence, social and computational science, and industry and academic expertise. We are excited to help bridge these divides and work with the Partnership to understand how approaches, data, and knowledge can be shared securely and ethically.”

“Adobe, Duke Reporters’ Lab, Full Fact, Code for Africa, and Meedan add exceptional, varied expertise in content integrity, fact-checking, and mis/disinformation to the PAI community,” said Claire Leibowicz, who leads the AI and Media Integrity Program at Partnership on AI. “We are additionally gratified to be expanding PAI’s global reach—any meaningful solutions in this space require deep cultural awareness and nuance. We are eager to learn from this cohort.”

“Artificial Intelligence is here to stay,” noted PAI in announcing the new AI and Media Integrity Program. “So, how do we use AI in a way that strengthens online discourse and ensures our public squares are of the highest quality? The work of PAI’s AI and Media Integrity Issue Area brings together those in the information integrity community—users, platforms, fact-checkers, media researchers, artists—towards the shared goal of combating the threats to public discourse that AI brings.”

Meedan is pleased to join PAI partners such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Mozilla, First Draft, WITNESS, and the Wikimedia Foundation. Learn more about the partnership here.

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