Meedan is pleased to welcome Haramoun Hamieh as our new Check Global Program Manager for the NAWA region!

Learn more about Haramoun below:

1. What has been your experience before you joined Meedan?

I studied political science, but most of my work experience was in media. I worked as news editor, digital storyteller, and content producer, and helped transform social and economic policy research into accessible infographics and visual explainers. Throughout my career, I was always interested in working through a holistic approach, combining journalism, social sciences, design and technology. I have worked with and managed multidisciplinary teams of journalists, researchers, graphic designers and web developers to produce evidence-based content on various topics. I am also interested in the various ways tech influences the media and the way we learn about and react to hyperlocal and global events unfolding around us.

2. Tell us about one exciting and insightful experience that has shaped your perspective and work.

I have always believed that everybody should benefit from and have access to knowledge. In fact, since I had my first computer and internet connection, I learned a lot from the internet and from people creating free, informative and insightful content online, and this "free knowledge" has shaped me in so many ways and allowed me to grow on the personal and professional level. Therefore, collaborating with others, and sharing knowledge is at the heart of what I do. So in addition to my work, I always make sure to save some free time to work on other projects, contributing to the knowledge sharing tradition and the public good, whether it’s through writing, archiving or translating.

3. What’s a regional project you’re excited about right now?

We’re currently working on the NAWA Media Credibility Index. This project, which was launched last year, provides citizens and professionals with an interactive map and a directory of more than 600 media organizations in several NAWA countries. Each organization receives a score based on various criteria used to evaluate its credibility. The Credibility Index project was launched in collaboration with NAWA’s newsroom trainees, who will continue to work on it in 2022 by adding more countries and media organizations to the directory and evaluating them.

4. What brought you to Meedan?

Before joining Meedan, I was working with a media collective on two projects: an ethnographic investigation and an archive-based story. So we decided to apply for a micro-grant to support our work. The NAWA Investigative Fund (Part of the Check Global program) picked our projects as grant recipients, allowing us to successfully produce the stories. After a few months, I learned about a job opening at Meedan. The job required previous experience in working with journalists, students and grassroots initiative, and the program’s focus was misinformation/disinformation, documentation and archiving, three things that I am involved in and motivated to work on. This is when I decided to join Meedan.

5. Tell us some fun facts about Haramoun.

  • I enjoy reading books, mostly philosophy, social theory, history and social psychology.
  • I’m trying, again, to learn to play the guitar.
  • I contribute to Wikipedia articles every now and then. I am color-blind (deuteranomaly).
  • I have a cat named Shatta. She came from another planet. 🪐