[External Job Posting] Evaluation Consultant

Note: This is an external position with Meedan partner Birmingham City University but will work closely with Meedan’s Check Global team. Please see the original listing here to apply.

  • Location: Remote, United Kingdom or other similar time zones preferable.
  • Job Type: Consultancy
  • Reports To: M&E/Impact Assessment Lead and Check Global Program Director
  • Availability: Immediate, July 2021
  • Salary: £14,000.00 including VAT, for this period of work August 1st to Dec 31st 2021.

Birmingham City University, Meedan’s Check Global project partner, is seeking an Evaluation Consultant to play a key role in the project’s evaluation and reporting for 2021. Check Global is a program run by Meedan in partnership with Birmingham City University, with funding from Swedish International Development Agency (Sida). The project aims to improve digital literacy, community-building and political engagement skills for citizen journalists, activists, journalism students, civil society organisations and human rights defenders, thus strengthening their role as investigators and contributors to the public sphere. We provide training, develop software, run programming, and conduct research with a global network of independent media and human rights organizations, fact-checking initiatives and journalism schools in Latin America, East Africa, Asia-Pacific (APAC) and the North Africa/West Asia (NAWA) region.

There may be potential for this work to be extended beyond, into 2022 and possibly on a permanent basis, but that would be covered separately, and is not guaranteed.


Engaging with existing BCU and wider project team, and project materials to date.

This is essential to understand the project and the evaluation needs, especially as the final project report will wrap up the three years of the project, as well as communicating the new activity of 2021. This also involves familiarisation with evaluation processes to date and ensuring use of these in gathering data for the final report. You will identify how our reports to date have been delivered and liaise with the team to develop a plan for our final year report. You will attend weekly project update meetings with BCU team, and weekly meetings with the Check Global Program Managers.

Contribute to the development of a new format for the 2021 report.

This will be based on input / liaison with BCU team. As the 2021 report wraps up the current three year project cycle (2019-2021), we are revisiting the current format of our narrative reports and you will be playing an active role in this process.

Liaising with Meedan/Check Global project managers, partners, and beneficiaries.

You will carry out and/or analyse interviews (mid-year reviews) and follow up completion of narrative reports and other evaluation documents from partners. You will liaise with partners and contacts with regards to their expected outputs for 2021 and completion of the three-year project. You will also liaise with project team at all levels to keep abreast of any changes in 2021, so they can be reflected in the report.

Gathering and analysing existing and new data for 2021.

You will gather and analyse data and materials from a variety of sources, in order to complete the evaluation report as per the plan.

Preparation and writing of evaluation report.

You will lead on the writing of the report, in collaboration with BCU and wider project team members. This will involve use of an online collaborative platform, Google Drive.

Managing, in collaboration with Check Global Director, the North Africa Western Asia partners.

Many of our partners and their beneficiaries are based in the North Africa Western Asia region. You will work closely with the Check Global Program Director to manage the relations with these partners, and make sure they have delivered on their 2021 milestones. You should be able to communicate with such partners in Arabic when necessary, as well as using and translating their materials for inclusion in the report. For more details on the Check Global NAWA partners see

Main Deliverables:

  • Create a report template to indicate the report’s structure by Sep 1st 2021.
  • Complete written report by Dec 31st 2021, sourcing imagery and/or indicating graphics to be created by our designer.

Personal Specifications

  • Digital literacy, regarding digital communication, and collaborative online working e.g. Google Drive, Slack, email.
  • Some experience or knowledge of the key areas of the Check Global project (journalism, verification and/or citizen media) and of appropriate research methods and techniques involved in evaluation and reporting.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills (in English).
  • Able to communicate material of a specialist or highly technical nature.
  • Able to manage evaluation and administrative activities and to balance competing pressures of evaluation and administrative demands and deadlines.
  • Good interpersonal skills with the ability to liaise with colleagues, external partners and project beneficiaries.
  • A working knowledge of written and oral Arabic is essential.

If you would like to be considered for this contract please submit a written response including a cover letter and CV to and by July 21, 2021

You should include:

  • Details of your knowledge and experience of project impact evaluation processes, including report writing.
  • Details of your ability to work with Arabic speaking partners, and to translate documents in Arabic, as this applies to much of the materials and project partners.
  • Details of your ability to work remotely. You do not need to be based at BCU for this consultancy, and all communications will be online, but you should indicate your experience of working with large projects involving multiple global partners and contacts.

Note: This is an external position with Meedan partner Birmingham City University but will work closely with Meedan’s Check Global team. Please see the original listing here to apply.

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