ONA21: Save resources by *not building* the software you need
Tuesday 22 June 2021 Online on Zoom By invitation only Attend
  • San Francisco 11:45AM
  • New York 2:45PM
  • Salvador 3:45PM
  • London 7:45PM

Sometimes the best path is to not build the software you need, and to instead leverage existing useful and affordable software tools to both produce engaging programs and maintain the development resources you’ll need elsewhere.

Join this fascinating conversation, led by Meedan Director of Engineering Caio Almeida and Director of Product Pierre Conti, at Online News Association’s 2021 virtual conference to learn more about how to develop the software infrastructures and test new ideas with scarce resources using the tools you have on hand.

This session is for:

  • Product professionals looking for a survey of useful and affordable technologies
  • Newsrooms leaders interested in low-cost, low-lift ideas and solutions
  • Anyone who values testing new ideas and experimenting with available tools


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