Meedan Research at MISDOOM 2021
Tuesday 21 September 2021 – Wednesday 22 September 2021 Online on Zoom By invitation only Attend
  • London 1:45pm

The 3rd Multidisciplinary International Symposium on Disinformation in Open Online Media (MISDOOM) 2021 is an annual conference held by the University of Oxford.

MISDOOM brings together researchers from multiple disciplines, including communication science, computer science, computational social science, political communication, journalism and media studies, as well as practitioners in journalism and online media.

Dr. Scott Hale, Meedan’s Director of Research and Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, will present the Research team’s latest publication on claim matching using similarity algorithms.

Ashkan Kazemi, Meedan summer Research Fellow and PhD candidate at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, will present the Research team’s latest publication on the effectiveness of our Whatsapp tiplines.


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