Meedan Research at Global Fact 7: Fakes, misinformation and fact-checking: Current research
Wednesday 24 June 2020 Online Attend
  • San Francisco 9am
  • New York 12pm (noon)
  • London 5pm
  • Delhi 9:30pm
meedan webinar nat june-24 01
Dr Scott A. Hale

We are in extraordinary times, but even prior to the pandemic thousands of health conversations were happening on social media everyday. In 2019, Meedan’s Digital Health Lab in collaboration with researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and University of Michigan’s Department of Computer Science developed and tested approaches to help policymakers, public health authorities, journalists, and fact-checkers keep a finger on the pulse of the online health conversation. By modifying semantic change detection methods, we found we could identify when health words were being used in new, unexpected ways. Many of these shifts were due to large external events, but a few were due to misinformation.

The research is detailed in an 8-minute video and will be discussed at Global Fact 7, the annual conference of the International Fact-Checking Network on Wednesday, June 24.


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