Algorithmic inequity and big tech: Check Global chats with "Coded Bias"
Thursday 28 January 2021 Online on Twitter
  • Los Angeles 7:00am
  • New York 10:00am
  • Salvador 12:00pm
  • London 3:00pm
  • Cairo 4:00pm
  • Delhi 7:30pm
Coded Bias poster
Isa and Azza

With the implementation of big tech’s algorithms worldwide, who gets equitable access to information and who doesn’t?

Join Azza El-Masri and Isabella Barrosso Oliveira as they speak with the team behind the film Coded Bias via live Twitter chat about the intersection of automated systems and access to information. They share their work supporting journalists, media workers and technologists within the NAWA region and throughout Latin America, and how big tech both helps and harms communities.

Go to Meedan’s Twitter profile to attend the chat, and learn more about Coded Bias on their website.

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