AAJA Fest: Verification on a Deadline
Wednesday 12 August 2020 For conference registrants only Attend
  • Los Angeles 11:30am
  • New York 2:30pm
  • São Paulo 3:30pm
  • London 7:30pm
  • Nairobi 9:30pm
  • New Delhi 12:00am (+1)
  • Manila 2:30am (+1)
AAJA Fest: Verification on a Deadline
AAJA Fest: Verification on a Deadline

The tactics and technology used by bad actors to misinform the public are rapidly evolving. The growing volume of deepfakes, misinformation and disinformation are challenging for journalists–and the public–to keep up accurate information they can use. This workshop will show attendees how to verify information quickly and accurately with actionable tips and tricks.


The Checklist–read misinformation news from around the world

The Weekly Roundup

—open-source investigations, industry resources and event information