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Verify breaking news online

As used during Electionland 2016

Show your work

Verify digital media consistently and openly for your team and your readers. You can collate and organize your findings on Check’s verification log so others can replicate the steps. Share your results confidently as you draw research from multiple sources.

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Investigate together

Work quickly as a distributed team on Check with simple user accounts and group management. Open the door to contributions from your newsroom and your broader network of researchers, experts and citizen journalists.

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Publish anywhere

Easily share and embed your findings on your primary news site. The Check embed automatically updates with new reports and a verification status, allowing you to safely share contested media.

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Request an Invitation

Are you working on verification too?

Check is opening to a limited number of early partners for the next stage of our product. Request early access for your own verification project.

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Check Awards

The Check Awards program rewards compelling uses of the Check platform in the Arab world. Each month, up to 12 awards of $250 will be made for the best investigative journalism, liveblogging, or debunking and verification work, as adjudicated by the Awards jury. Our jury will make nominations for awards according to the Adjudication and Rules process. To learn more about the Check Awards program, please contact or view a PDF brief.

When we’re verifying user generated content, it’s very important to be clear and transparent. What’s great about Check is that it lets us show every step we’ve taken along the way.

— Eliot Higgins,


While the training workshops equip participants with media monitoring skills, the Check tool provides them with a platform to express their opinions and to exchange views on how they are represented in media.

— Sawsan Zaideh,


Our History

Check was founded in 2011 as Checkdesk, and in 2016, the product acquired its new name. The Check project has worked to build online tools, support independent journalists, and develop media literacy training resources that aim to improve the investigative quality of citizen journalism and help limit the rapid spread of rumors and misinformation online.

In addition to building software, we run workshops and panels, and we contributed to the European Journalism Centre’s Verification Handbook, edited by Craig Silverman, with case studies and an Arabic language translation.

Supporters & Partners

Check partners with the following media organizations. Please get in touch if you would like to be a media partner.

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Check is a fast and free tool for verifying breaking news with teams. It is open source on Github.