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Verify breaking news online

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Structure your investigation

Set key questions for each investigation, ensuring consistent and accurate newsgathering amongst your team.

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Gather your community online

Quickly build a team and see their work with a visible activity log. All key activity in Check can also be sent directly to your team's Slack.

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Streamline common tasks

Work more efficiently with bot helpers, like links to help you quickly conduct a reverse image search on any attached media

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Integrate with messaging apps

As news sharing shifts from public forums to private messages, the spread of misinformation on encrypted chat apps is a growing challenge. Working with enterprise messaging startup Smooch by Zendesk, Check allows journalists to verify or debunk content shared via closed messaging apps during global elections, natural disasters and other real-time events. This integration within the Check platform is designed to provide a platform-of-record for fact-checking closed messaging spaces without compromising the privacy of users.

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“When we’re verifying user generated content, it’s very important to be clear and transparent. What’s great about Check is that it lets us show every step we’ve taken along the way.”

— Eliot Higgins,


“Check helped me be more aware of fake news and to practise all the verification steps we learnt in the course.”

— Zoe Lau, Student,

University of Hong Kong

“Check was the essential tool for organising all of the social newsgathering for verification during Electionland.”

— Fergus Bell,

Dig Deeper Media

Our History

Check was founded in 2011 as Checkdesk, and in 2016, the product acquired its new name. The Check project has worked to build online tools, support independent journalists, and develop media literacy training resources that aim to improve the investigative quality of citizen journalism and help limit the rapid spread of rumors and misinformation online.

In addition to building software, we run workshops and panels, and we contributed to the European Journalism Centre’s Verification Handbook, edited by Craig Silverman, with case studies and an Arabic language translation.

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How to Access Check

Check Lite

Check is available for general purpose use for teams of up to 10 members. Simply sign up and get started to begin exploring Check on your team.

Check for the Public Interest

Thanks to the generosity of our funders, Meedan is pleased to offer the Check for free to non-profit organizations, community organizations and others working for the public interest in global contexts. If you are working in the fields of journalism, content annotation, fact checking, media research, human rights, civil society or other work related to media freedom, collaborative data gathering, or holding power to account, you can apply to use Check and Meedan’s entire suite of tools — Bridge, Keep and Montage — for free.

Check Enterprise

Check is available for large newsrooms and commercial partners with teams over 10 members. Our boutique plans include priority customer support, training in verification best practices and principles, and tailored technical solutions. Please contact us for more information about a custom plan based on your needs.

Contribute to Check

Are you a programmer interested in verification or fact-checking? Check is built in React and Rails, has 100% test coverage and a 4.0 GPA on Code Climate. It is open source on GitHub.

Check is a project of Meedan.

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