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Translate quickly and accurately

Bridge enables rapid translation of social media and the addition of important cultural, social and political notes to facilitate understanding. With intelligent tools like dictionaries and glossaries, Bridge helps you translate efficiently and with confidence.

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Activate your language community

All content is portable and shareable, designed to be as seamless as sharing native social media. Open up new connections across linguistic, cultural and network divides.

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Collaborate and build your skills.

The best translations involve a variety of skills — copy editing, grammar, spelling, a grasp of meaning and nuance. Bridge helps translators work collaboratively, with their individual contributions highlighted and recognized.

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our history

Meedan has a vision of a more crosslingual internet, and we have worked with hundreds of people around the world to translate millions of words into a half dozen languages. We are committed to the potential of translation as a social good, both at home and globally, with a particular focus on enabling communities to support global journalism and civic engagement.

Since 2006, Meedan has led a number of groundbreaking crowdsourced translation projects, including News.Meedan, a crowdsourced translation site for journalism across the Arabic- and English-speaking webs and Speak2Tweet, an effort to translate voice messages from the Egyptian revolution. Members of Meedan bring a rich array of professional experience in crowdsourced and digital translation, including Ai Weiwei English, a dedicated translation site for the Chinese artist-activist’s Twitter.

Our current collaboration with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Paul Salopek's Out of Eden Walk project aims to translate tweets situated in the vicinity of his 7-year walk around the world. We are pleased to partner with the DOLLY Project and Translators Without Borders on this effort.

Partners and Support

Bridge is generously supported by the Knight Foundation through a grant administered by the National Geographic Society.

Bridge currently partners with the DOLLY Project, Translators Without Borders, and Taghreedat for translation, research, sourcing and testing. Please get in touch for more information on opportunities for collaboration with your organization.

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