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We love working with new people. Please get in touch. Email us!

Our vision

Meedan has a vision of a wider world web in which citizens can collaborate across languages. Today, the global web is increasingly diverse but living in silos defined by the oldest communications barrier: language. We look to a world where understanding facilitated by global conversation is a bit wider, deeper, and more effective. Untapped language communities represent new trading markets for content, ideas, knowledge, and lolcats.

To get there, we want to build the best tools and platforms in support of global journalism and translation. We are a team of designers, technologists and journalists who focus on open source investigation of digital media and crowdsourced translation of social media. With commercial, media and university partners, we support research, curriculum development, and new forms of digital storytelling.


Global digital journalism needs better tools for real time news.

In our increasingly interconnected world, the most pressing real time news happens anywhere at any time, captured and shared by citizens, journalists, government officials and anyone with a social media account. Verifying and translating this media requires extensive networks, local knowledge and strong collaboration.

our products

Our product suite enables teams to work together quickly, collaboratively and with confidence — and then share those results with the world.

Check brings newsrooms and citizen journalists together to verify real time news anywhere in the world. Bridge enables collaborative teams of translators and cultural experts to translate and contextualize global social media quickly and accurately.


We focus on users first, and we're informed by data.

With an extensive network and experience building multiple software products, Meedan prioritizes the needs of journalists and readers. We engage in rigorous user testing that directly informs our product strategy and design decisions. We regularly analyze user data to supplement the qualitative work and maximize our impact. We study, practice and iterate on leading design thinking methodologies to develop the highest quality products.

public engagement

We value public engagement on matters of technology, journalism and translation.

We have led workshops, panels and lectures on topics of global journalism in a variety of settings, from the Personal Democracy Forum in New York to MIT's Civic Media Center to the Internet Governance Forum. We are also founding members of the First Draft Coalition, a group of journalists, technologists and human rights workers convened by Google News Lab to provide thought leadership and cutting edge research around verification techniques, technology and case studies.

Our Team

Headquartered in San Francisco, Meedan has a distributed team of employees and contractors in Canada, the United States, Egypt and Brazil. We do our work across 13 cities, 11 time zones, and 4 continents.

Contact Us

  • San Francisco

    1355 Market, Suite 488

    San Francisco, CA


  • Vancouver

    300-422 Richards Street

    Vancouver, British Columbia

    Canada, V6B 2Z4