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Sub-Saharan Africa

The Sub-Saharan Africa region is characterized by fragile media ecosystems, targeted misinformation and disinformation campaigns by state and non-state actors, internet shutdowns, censorship, and suppression of freedom of expression.


These especially affect marginalized groups, who often lack access to platforms and are misrepresented and denied meaningful representation in the media.

In Depth

The region is characterized by fragile media ecosystems, resulting from loss of revenue, outright attacks on journalists, shrinking spaces for civil society and underrepresentation of women and other key groups. Community media is gaining prominence in Kenya, Ghana and Zimbabwe, as have organizations highlighting and giving platforms to marginalized groups.
Women are underrepresented in key decision-making and content production roles in the media in Sub-Saharan Africa, and this has in turn led to a lack of representative content that addresses issues that they care about and that affect them directly.
Fragile media
Government interference in the media in Tanzania and Zimbabwe, internet shutdowns in Ethiopia and Uganda, and loss of revenues in Ghana and Kenya has threatened and weakened the media, and they have consequently struggled to stay independent, objective and profitable.
Election misinformation
and disinformation
Targeted false information is a potential challenge that could affect elections in the region, and as a growing number of people get their information online, we are likely to see attempts to subvert elections through social media and messaging platforms.

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