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Political misinformation, attacks on independent media, and internet shutdowns have been on the rise in the region. While there are more platforms and more fact-checkers in the region, there exists a huge digital divide both in terms of availability of infrastructure for people to access information and a knowledge gap in accessing digital opportunities.


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The region has been witnessing an erosion of democracy due to rising attacks on independent media, human rights violations, political and communal misinformation and internet shutdowns. Existing structural inequalities in the form of digital divide in access to the internet and information and marginalization along the lines of religion and gender are adding to the challenge.
Political misinformation has posed a huge challenge to democratic processes and integrity of elections in the region. State-actors, media groups, and social media users have been responsible for spreading misinformation, thereby resulting in a lack of trust in the media.
Attack on independent
media and censorship
Independent media in the region face the threat of being attacked with journalists and activists facing online threats. Women face higher risks of being harassed. Freedom of media also faces obstacles in the form of censorship and internet shutdowns in the region.
Hate speech
and violence
Hate speech on online platforms has posed the risk of offline violence. In countries like Myanmar and India, hateful content against certain communities give way to hatred and violence.

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