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Health Desk 1.5 Million Users

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Meedan’s Digital Health Lab brought together a team of scientists to form Health Desk, a team tasked with supporting fact-checking organizations and journalists reporting on health misinformation about COVID-19.

The team launched what was then called, a database of COVID-19 explainers, written by scientific experts on-demand. A couple of months later, we migrated to a new website and branded ourselves as “Health Desk” covering a wider range of questions about COVID-19 and other scientific topics related to public health.

Health Desk launched on April 15, 2021,and as of October 12 of this year more than 1.5 million people have visited Over the last year and a half, the Health Desk team has been receiving health and science-related questions from journalism partners including Africa Check, CITE, AFP Fact Check, Full Fact, The Africa Women Journalism Project, VERA Files, and Tayo, a virtual help desk serving the Filipino community during COVID-19.

In December 2020, in collaboration with the Australian Science and Media Centre and a network of science media centres around the world, the Vaccine Media Hub was launched, with the goal of specifically addressing questions related to COVID-19 vaccines. We launched this with the vision of scaling our support, providing direct access to quotes from scientists around the world about emerging COVID-19 vaccine-related research. These quotes, media briefings, and other important COVID-19 vaccine information are generated by scientists from the Australian Science and Media Centre, Science Media Center Germany, Science Media Centre New Zealand, Science Media Center Taiwan, UK Science Media Centre, and SINC.

Health Desk and global science media centre teams continue to provide explainers, expert reactions and resources about globally circulating health misinformation during the pandemic.

When Health Desk started these partnerships, we had a strong belief in the importance and the value of the content provided; however, we did not imagine how wide and diverse the audience would be. Our most frequently viewed explainers include:

Searches for fact-checks and explainers on Health Desk and the Vaccine Media Hub come from around the world, including the US, Australia, UK, Canada, India, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Africa and New Zealand.

As much as the search feature helps site visitors find what they are looking for, our most popular content covers vaccine ingredients and types of vaccines available, as well as questions about alternative COVID-19 treatments not validated by scientific evidence.

Thanks to our amazing users who have been sharing fact-checking requests with our team since day one! We commit to continue publishing and distributing quality, fact-checked and localized health information to all our audiences.

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